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Fishermen, scientists and politicians have – all in good faith – done their best to wipe out the Baltic Sea cod. And just as a historic recovery is about to take place, Baltic Sea fishermen dump tonnes of dead cod back into the sea every week. For Cod´s Sake reveals how and why.

Fortunately, recent environmental conditions have – by chance – led to more cod in the Baltic. And the European Union proclaims it wants to save the species. But ironically, EU regulations force fishermen to discard thousands of dead cod – every day. And scientists advising the EU disagree heavily on the extent of the recovery.

So is the cod really back – or is a wipe-out still imminent?

Over two dramatic and decisive years Folke Rydén and the production team got up and close with fishermen, scientists, politicians and the cod itself.

Without the cod, the sea will be out of balance, the water filthy and fishermen will survive only as tourist attractions.

Production Team

Director/Producer: Folke Rydén

Co-director: Ryszard Solarz

Co-production partners: SVT and ZDF/arte

In association with: DR, YLE, ERR, LTV and TG4

With support from: Baltic Sea 2020 and MEDIA Programme of the European Union

Website: www.ourbalticsea.com


Awards & Nominations



2011 Awarded Best Foreign Film. On October 28, in Kiev Ukraine, at the 3rd International Film Festival of marine documentaries,
historical, adventure and television programs.

2011 Official Selection: For Cod´s Sake is selected for competition at Dunkirk first World Sea Film Festival in July 2011

2011 Award: For Cod’s Sake was marked as the Best Foreign Film in St Petersburg, at the www.seafest.spb.ru

2011 Award: The Holmar-von-Ditfurth-Preis for best journalistic performance at the Ökofilmtour environment and nature film festival 2011, in Potsdam, Germany

2011 Official Selection: The 8th San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

2010 Award: The Anemoon Foundation Environmental Impact Award at the 4th North Sea Film Festival in Amsterdam

2010 Award: Envirofilm Festival Slovakia

2010 Official Selection: Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival, Eckernförde, Germany

2010 Official Selection: Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Riga, Lettland

2010 Official Selection: The nature and conservation competition at the German film festival NaturVision in Neuschönau.



”For Cod’s Sake investigates the net of EU fishery policy. The result is compelling”

”For Cod’s Sake takes an in-depth look at the very serious and big problem of the Baltic Sea. The film seriously warns against a coming catastrophe and its consequences for the life of fish and man.”

– Envirofilm Festival Jury motivation 2010


Reviews Swedish

Dokumentärfilmen Alla torskar av Folke Rydén (…) demonstrerar att politiken i bästa fall har få vinnare. Och en klar förlorare är torsken, Östersjöns mest värdefulla fisk. Den som alla säger sig värna. En stor del av det i ett historiskt perspektiv låga beståndet ruttnar idag bort på havets botten.  Alla torskar har synat nätet som EU:s fiskepolitik drar upp. Resultatet är angeläget. Tyvärr gör det inte politiken mer begriplig.

– Sydsvenskan 27/9 2009




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Press Material

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Press kit For Cods Sake (ZIP)

Production Details

Title (INT): For Cod’s Sake
Title (SE): Alla torskar
Title (DE): Dorschs Dilemma
Duration: 52, 58 and 43 min.
Format: HD
Year: 2009

Distribution: DR International Sales 

More About the Film

Article in “Baltic Worlds”

Production Details

Title (INT): Dirty Waters
Title (SE): Vårt Grisiga Hav
Duration: 52 and 58 min
Format: HD/HDV
Year: 2011

DR International Sales 

New York